Farmworker walking through rows of green crops with brown hills and powerlines in background

Projected Outreach

Study Description

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Projected Outreach

We are developing new outreach methods for HRI training and evaluate their effectiveness. From a questionnaire submitted to farmworkers living in the Central Valley town of Mendota, we have discovered that nearly all field workers had some training about HRI including prevention strategies.  However well under 50% were able to identify how long it takes to acclimatize to heat or how frequently they should be drinking when it is hot. Farm workers have requested more participatory trainings and simpler education materials [as appropriate for the average farm workers who has up to a 6th grade education].

Our outreach specialist worked closely with the field study researchers to summarize the essential results, and used the information from focus groups and key interviews to find ways of making HRI prevention information and training relevant, memorable and actionable. We are producing a pilot program and will be testing its effectiveness. The final model, if successful will then be shared with other groups and organizations who would disseminate the messages. We will be testing and putting into practice the education and training materials during the Spring of 2016 and will be evaluating its effectiveness in the following summer months.