Farmworkers listening to Outreach Specialist Teresa Andrews explain signs and symptoms of heat illness

Study Description

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Focus Groups

Each focus group consists of  6-12 field workers and they are held in a variety of communities in the inland California valleys. Some are one-sex, some held in indigenous languages as 
well as Spanish, to encompass the variety of Latino farm workers that exist in California.  Discussions are conducted 
by a moderator in a relaxed manner to allow ideas and experiences to be expressed freely.  We already have gained useful perspectives and will obtain a better understanding of factors that prevent farm workers from protecting their health in high-heat conditions. We expect to identify strategies 
to enhance the prevention of HRI in the fields from the analysis of risk factors from Specific Aim 1, and will examine the acceptability of these potential remediations.

The Key Interviews are conducted with farmers, labor contractors and farm industry associations. With information from the focus groups that identify the barriers workers perceive preventing them reducing their risk of HRI, growers and other experts can suggest solutions from their point of view. These perspectives are essential for any final HRI strategy to be successful.